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Company History

Argo was founded in 1969 as a contract electronics assembly manufacturer on Connecticut’s beautiful shoreline. Right from the start, we have been at the forefront of circuit miniaturization technology. Our initial products were high-density resistor networks for scientific research applications at universities and other research institutions. From these networks, thick and thin film ceramic hybrid circuit assemblies were a natural growth step.

In the mid 1970s we helped pioneer a new technology called Chip On Board (COB) and various Multi Chip Module (MCM) designations. COB formed the initial basic step that led to today’s Ball Grid Array (BGA) technology. In 1975, Argo became involved in the design and manufacture of high quality miniaturized electronic circuits for a broad range of industries.

As active Surface Mount components began to appear in the 1980s, we saw the possibilities and developed processes to capture this new technology for PCB assembly, while maintaining our position as a leading manufacturer of electronic assemblies. We installed new equipment for solder paste screening, automatic component placement, reflow soldering and assembly cleaning. We helped pioneer the fusion of these technologies to produce circuit layouts designed for size and cost optimization.

In 2002, Argo became the first ISO 9000 registered electronic assembly manufacturer in Connecticut. We followed that milestone with the installation of a third SMT line, an automated optical inspection system and a reflow technology upgrade.

In 2015, Argo was purchased by The Eastern Company (EML) to enhance their already successful portfolio of businesses. The Eastern company quickly recognized the benefits of investing in Argo and provided the resources to significantly expand our capabilities. Upgrades included:

  • Building Expansion
  • AS9100 Certification
  • ITAR Registration
  • New Fuji/MPM SMT line deployed
  • Cleaning Technology Upgrade
  • 3D Automated Solder Paste Inspection

In 2022 CCK Automation saw the value of Argo EMS to complement their high-volume production with the highly specialized surface mount and through-hole capabilities of Argo EMS and acquired Argo EMS from the Eastern Company. CCK continued upgrading Argo EMS’s capabilities. Recent upgrades include:

  • X-ray Inspection
  • 2 New Mycronic MY300 pick and place production lines.
  • New Viscom 3D AOI

Argo has built our business on customer satisfaction. Our skilled staff, long history in building electronic assemblies, and focus on service contribute to great customer satisfaction. Now we are better equipped than ever to meet your company’s needs.

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